Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scan reading: tips and exercises

Scanning means reading very fast for specific pieces of information .

1. Scanning in your Reading exam:
One of the tasks in your Reading exam is a timed SCANNING exercise: you will have to scan a text to find the specific information answering the questions. You will have a time limit( 15 minutes)  for this task. This part is sealed and you cannot open the seal till the supervising teacher allows you to do so. 

2. Tips:   
- Read the questions first, before you read the text. 
- Run your eyes over the text looking for the specific piece of information you need. 
- If you see words or phrases that you don't understand, don't worry when scanning. 
- When scanning, look for the author's use of organizers such as numbers, letters, steps, or the words, first, second, or next
- Look for words that are bold faced, italics, or in a different font size.
- First scanning: 
Answer the easy questions first.  Underline with short lines the area where you think some answers might be. You can also write the number the question in the area where you think the answer may be, before underlining the answer in the text. This "light highlighting" will save you time later on. You can also underline key words/points, but not complete sentences, in case that is not the answer and later you get all mixed up about it
- Second scanning
In the second scanning (and third, fourth… if you’re practising), you should try to solve the hardest parts and answer those questions.

 3. Online practice:  ( you can print all the texts if it´s easier for you to scan a printed text)

Scanning exercise 1- online
Scanning exercise 2-online  

4. Student Book practice:
- There are 2 types of scanning exercises: one with short extracts asking you to answer several questions of the type: Which extract/person says that..? and another type with specific questions whose answers you have to find in the text by scanning it.
- Some scanning exercises from your Student Book- NEF Advanced: Reading c-p44, d-p29, b-p24,c-p21, b-p104, c-p88. Read quickly/ scan the texts to answer the questions proposed by these exercises.

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